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Mandala project

Yes, so I realize, I haven’t really posted any drafts or roughs.. I really can’t because I’m borrowing my aunt’s laptop. I’m homeless and also computer-less. It’s not as bad as it sounds… Actually, yes. Yes it is. Forget it, for once I’m going to say, I really hate my situation. I hate it because I’ve no privacy and my right leg is fucked.  Not only that but I paid $40 something dollars for shipping (to and back as well as an extra folder) for my art portfolio for color and design. I was scolded by means that I couldn’t help and I cried. I think I just “woke up” again. I’m having trouble staying focus with the real world… Sometimes I forget my mind likes to dwell and give me problems. I’ve no house because we sold it and are looking for something in Temecula. We’re hoping to buy a really good house, good feng shui, etc. Staying at Grandma’s is uncomfortable because I can’t do too much, most of my things are put in storage. My mother complains too much. And my dad ….I dunno. 

The upside: my knee is healing, I should be able to walk normally by the end of this week. I might get to see Batman soon when I’m done with school. Summer classes end on the 6th of August. I don’t dislike kids. My cousins can be fun to be with. I’ve learned valuable lessons. I guess there’s a questions to ask, why a guy doesn’t think before he acts… strange impulses, he just had to push. My knee bruised up quite largely, and it was just disgusting…

Anyway, I have one picture, this is actually a final piece that I’m turning in for C&D:


mandala featuring the 4 directional deities

mandala featuring the 4 directional deities

I suck at mat cutting, but it was a freaking circle… took me an hour to cut through. :\ 

For some reason, I am so focused on Genbu, Seiryuu, Suzaku and Byakko. I put them on a lot of my art.. maybe in a past life I thought about them a lot too…


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