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Humor me

Dog Bite

I think that my comic instructor is predjudice against anime/comic style.  Doesn’t like reducing people’s features to exaggerated shapes, likes squares and circles. Even the module said that it’s okay to have to go toward that style. Ugh… I’m a little iffy now, standard is what everyone goes for, but eccentric styling is not. I now realize, that I could be at odds with what that means…. I find it a little disconcerting that my pencil has to match exactly what a pen is suppose to do. If you’re going to erase the pencils, then the style should be how it is drawn. I kind of regret taking this class, but if I hadn’t taken it, I would not have been made to see things this way before. How disappointing.

Some of my watecolor labs from the past weeks. Illustration 2 is so hectic.. it sucks. :[ Work is neverending!


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