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The Human Sacrifice

For last week’s assignment, we were to do an editorial illustration of a recent news article.

For those who have not yet read this article about a gang rape in Stanford, then go to this link. And you will understand the picture. I think I was able to put quite a lot of my own emotions into this picture. You know how articles are always monotone sounding, but even so, there was a deep feeling of rage that was boiling in my heart as I read every word of that monotone article. And this is what came out of it. I am wondering what everyone else thinks about this picture because my teacher said she found it very hard to look at and that it was scary. As the creator, I don’t really feel that way, I was very determined to make a statement… So if it was scary, I had no idea… 😛 Haha…

And I have some more lighthearted drawings.

I actually asked my mom to help me, at first it was an uptop view, but then she had to leave. But when she tried to help me, it was not at all to my liking. I try to never let an amateur take my photos, but when they can’t pose, it’s up to you. And when they can’t take a photo, then you set it up on self-timer… haha..

I’m crossing my fingers and eyes and hoping that I don’t have to do too many major changes, and also, that I’ll be so glad this class is over.

I really think wordpress should allow for editing galleries. It’s kind of annoying not being able to delete pictures in the galleries.



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