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Peach Month

Hey all! Did you know its Peach Month? This is my latest Girls Drawin’ Girls weekly theme contribution for this week. 🙂

I actually started out using my new Shinhan art markers, and then finished in photoshop. Unfortunately, I used Staedtler pigment liner on some areas and perhaps it did not dry? It smudged! :\ It’s waterproof but not marker proof. I should probably update my review. In any case… but on some areas that I used either Shinhan liner or copic liner, the gradient was very smooth using my colorless blender. Unfortunately, I feel like I’ve used up a lot of the colorless ink. :X Hopefully not, because I just bought it, but maybe I’ll get around to buying the refill.


Eat Peach

Here’s an interesting fact: in Asia, Peaches tend to symbolize longevity and immortality, and each part of the Peach tree symbolizes something. The Peach Blossoms symbolize luck — in Vietnamese culture, its a tradition to buy a blossoming Peach branch, and the more flowers, the better, and also when they’re blooming during Tet is better. The branch wards off evil, and they make charm pendants from peach pits. The tree itself is a symbol of life and immortality.

It’s also a sexual feminine symbol. I first learned about this through a manga story; its a very prevalent symbology, I find, in Japan. Has anyone seen the character design for Sakuya for Okami?

Sakuya from Okami. Copyright Capcom.

She also has a peach-shaped butt opening in the back as well.

Also the story of how Momotaro came to be — an old woman happens upon a really big peach, she brings home the peach to her husband. He “inserts” a knife, cuts it open, and then out pops Momotaro. The rest of the story is about the boy’s amazing adventures.

In China, the juices symbolize fluids, i.e. nector drippings.

And yes, I am trying to be really suggestive here. Anyway, I hope you learned something new today!


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“Past is Past”

Hey there, hisashiburi~ It’s weird how I finally have “time” to actually squeeze in a Girls Drawin’ Girls theme into my schedule. I thought I was going to be uber busy to the max, but I guess not. But also because the last 2 weeks theme was “Girl inspired by the last song you listened to!” Mouthful! But I really wanted to do this theme — because its my favorite-est thing to do! I guess I haven’t really been posting any of my Al.chemy experiments from my facebook postings to my blog; I will get around to compiling the ‘best of’ from last year eventually. Since it went on for 2 weeks, I had another song in mind, but “Past is Past” from the album of the same name by 14?.

I very rarely listen to hip hop music, but there’s a few artists that I really really like just because they sound kinda like Jun Seba, or Nujabes ヌジャベス, who produced soundtracks to Samurai Champloo. I guess it’s not that I’ve become more nuanced with rap or hip hop culture, but more like he produces music that comes from the soul. And it goes great for when I’m needing to relax at night and just get lost in feelings.


Also, is anyone going to be around San Diego for Comic Con? (ME!) The Girls Drawin’ Girls group, in collaboration with the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and 6 Point Harness are having a gallery showing on Thursday, July 24th. You’ll need to RSVP, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Here’s the flyer:



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“Forest Rabbit” – with progress pictures!

Here’s a snapshot of how I kind of work. Someday, I’ll get around to posting up a video… but sometimes, it’s hard when I work in small increments at a time.

I like to work with a pencil sketch and then fill in colors with a painting program such as Photoshop. I all ready had a general idea of the colors that I wanted, but what you don’t see me doing, I guess, is how I play around with the colors too. I started with a base yellow, as I would do on a traditional painting, and worked my way on into greens, and slowly added more colors. The reds and warm tones against the greens make her pop more.



Actually here is my reference photo:


Sometimes what you sketch out doesn’t get included into the sketch, in this case, I when I painted her eyes in, I sort of lost that “innocent” bunny-eye look from the sketch, but I think it still turned out the way I wanted to because I wanted to give her eyes a “glass-orb” look.

This “rabbit” is a small shoutout to viera’s like Fran from FFXII.

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