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Coloring the Lantern Festival

Hello again! Two posts in one month, but don’t expect much more! 😛 I do aspire to be like Kentarou Miura, but I think I am much worse at updating.

In any case, I made another drawing tutorial. Last year was the line art and this year I colored. I actually did this in the spring, but I forgot to video edit, so I just waited until August again since it’s about that time! At least I’m good about putting one up once a year? Here is the link to the youtube video. But it’s going to get embed at the bottom too!

So after being totally won over by Shinhan, because the owners are SOOO nice to me every time I come by their booth at SDCC — and great products of course! that’s why I keep coming back too. I brought my boyfriend, Peter, to meet them and they were just gushing about me to him. It was so lovely. 🙂 I bought myself a good set of markers. I tried my best to create a limited palette, plus, I still had a ton of Copics, so it’d be a waste, I used them together to create this final piece:


I think I really like how all this came out. I’ll be honest, I really suck at using markers. I can’t control them the way other artists seem to. It’s like much more magical when they do it, but I guess practice makes perfect.

Yes, Shinhan and Copic are practically the same type, just different brands. You can intermix them together, but Shinhan is cheaper, I suppose their production costs in S.Korea is significantly less than Japan. Quality-wise, practically the same. I specifically chose lanterns as a main subject to showcase how to create gradient effects using a “0-colorless blender.” Definitely need to frequently refill every so-often. They sell 20mL refill inks that you can just fill up through the nib. But nibs should be replaced if it starts to wear out, which I am now finding after making this video.

I tried to keep the video length and size reasonable, so I decided to speed it up by 400%. Anymore of course, seemed way too fast. I wanted it to be less than 30 minutes… but (-_-) sigh, it came out to be 46 minutes.


So normally,  I keep a palette next to me when working with creating blending. A white one is the most preferable, because you’ll be able to see the colors the best, but glass works too because you can just put a piece of white paper underneath.

The gradation technique works best on a clean nib, 2 colors, and 1 colorless blender. I actually but a refill 20mL for the 0 colorless blender by Shinhan also because the first time I tried out the technique, I was like this really awesome! But you need lot’s of ink to make it gradate nicely. I also use this technique to mix all new colors that I otherwise don’t have with the markers individually. That grey purple in the sky is the result of mixing Copic black, a tiny bit of BV08, PB69 Prussian Blue Touch Twin, and WG7 Touch.

That pink on her cheeks came from RP291 Primary Magenta and F121 Fluorescent Coral Red Touch markers. And so on. If you’re good on color theory, go wild with mixing.


Near the end of the video, I am actually using the the refill color and dropping in the colorless blender ink, the same way you’d drop alcohol onto watercolor to make the colors move around and create circular splotches.

ShinHan Art really is incredibly helpful. I actually got myself a new set of liner pens, that I can’t wait to test out in my own artwork. So you’ll maybe see a review on those a bit later. Don’t get me wrong Copic quality is nice, and they’ve been around for awhile, but I like that ShinHan has the same quality at a much more affordable option. But, I do want to say that I think the Copic ink liners quality goes down after some years. Because I still am using some, but they started to smear with the Copic, and I wish I knew why because I use good quality Bristol or marker paper to draw on, and it still smears with marker. That’s not good! Just keep that in mind that some inks don’t have good shelf life. 😐

Anyways, this is a tribute to my old childhood. The lantern festival/Harvest Moon celebration or as Vietnamese call it Tet Chung Thu, is different than the Chinese counterpart that is for lovers. Ours is a celebration for children, and most families take their kids out in the night and light up these lanterns. I just remember seeing the really cool cellophane looking ones in the shape of butterflies, bunnies, and fish, but whenever the adults in my family got us lanterns, it wasn’t nearly as cute as the animals. They were just plain accordion lanterns, and I guess it just makes me question whether they were being frugal or we were just that damn poor. The little girl in the drawing is indeed wearing an ao dai, but I have found that there’s a lot of ao dai redesigned for older women, but there aren’t any cute contemporary ones for the kids. And I’m into gothic lolita, so if China, Korea, and Japan can do it! Vietnamese can too.

The setting itself is in Hoi An, it’s the lantern festival’s main place to be if you’re actually in Vietnam. That fish is actually on a bridge in the river in Hoi An. It’s near Da Nang city, which is less urban than the 2 other major cities of Vietnam.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy my video, any feedback would be appreciated. I’m rather new to the world of video editing, but I’m finding it quite fun when things go right… hahaha

But I have a Twitch Channel, and I may be live streaming, so please be sure I will be posting up more video content in the near future.


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Watercolor plein air landscapes throughout SoCal

Sometimes, I think about restarting my blog over fresh and new, and I never do it, because I know that I’ll just forget to post as much to it like with this one. Since I all ready have history on here, I thought I’d come back again. I considered posting also, on the new blog I created with friends: Chromatonik, but find that this is more Tannie-like and personal.

What have I been doing since my last post? Practicing much more with watercolors. I guess ever since I was given free watercolors, and that my collection keeps building, I am using them much more. But also, watercolors are easy to do plein air painting with.


This was a sketch painting at Turnbull Canyon in Whittier/Hacienda Heights in the 27th of April 2014. One of my faves from 2014.


Here’s another watercolor sketch from last year in December at Palomar Mountains Observatory. Here, I am trying to move away from using ink outlines and just watercolor paint only.


This one below is from a park near Escondido. I’m not sure which, I just asked my boyfriend to take me to a park nearby that is scenic. (He was very bored of course. It is very hard to date a non-artist, they don’t see what you see.) This was done in April of this year.


This last one is from a park near my house. Shady Maple Park. Murrieta. It’s a very large field of grass where families can take their kids to play baseball/softball, and a play area for smaller kids with swings and park benches. But this is probably the backyard of one of the neighbors. Suburban sketching, let’s call this.


There’s more to show, but can’t really upload it all right now. I have much more to learn from being outside. Another thing I would like to happen is actually more complex paints. The paints I’ve been using are color pencil watercolors, and whatever I can carry without carrying my entire supply arsenal. So my travel colors are rather dull because I use an outdated children’s palette (but I like it because if I put a color down, it lifts easily for sketching, and I can think more as I practice).

Most was done in the spring months because it’s not too hot outside, and not only bearable, but beautiful weather in California. But by summertime, it gets blazing hot, and I burn in the sunlight easily. I burned this year going to San Diego Comic Con, standing in line in an outside venue for a few hours… 😦 However, it looks like good weather is coming back to SoCal this year is 2016. Is it because of El Nino in the early winter, or the oncoming El Nina? The weather is still tipsy turvy, one week its in the 90ºF – 100ºF (plus!) and then down to 70ºF-80ºF. I think it will be like that for this week, but I’m too busy to go outside. We’ll see about October.

I keep thinking about bringing oil paints on my trips, but that is a thought for the future. There’s a lot of things to rearrange for oil paints, and drying time is different.

Art is always a continuous endeavor for me… I guess because for some reason, I feel like ever since I left to live at home and do online schooling, my skills dropped. I continuously faced critique from many instructors saying how my painting skills were terrible. It was true, and for some reason, I felt like I didn’t have enough classes to teach me even more fundamentals. So it’s been up to me to keep learning how to perfect my painting abilities. The critiques I’ve gotten over the course of my schooling still stay with me, and I guess, has been a catalyst to keep getting better at painting, and other things such as perfecting colors or shape recognition.

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Commission order process with ArtCorgi

Recently, I’ve had 2 commission art orders via ArtCorgi. <– My referral link.


If you’ve never heard of them much, that’s because they’ve recently launched this year. The idea behind it is to gather a network of artists together to do non-commercial and personal usage artwork, and it takes out the problem of finding someone who isn’t available. One of the biggest things the founders had problems with is finding artists who were still active in doing commissions. The style ranges are quite wide and price ranges range from $20-$100 and for highly detailed works go above $100.

So I’m pretty much in the network, and you can find me here. I’ve had the pleasure of completing two recent chibi avatars of Linda and her daughter, Alison.

My background: I started off doing these for myself, I only started doing it more often last year after I had shaved off half of my head some time in the summer of 2012. My mom didn’t like it when I came home like that in the beginning of 2013, so… to stop her annoying nagging, I grew out my hair. But I wanted to record the styles that I was going through with my hair, because having half your head being completely unsymmetrical was sort of hard to style sometimes — I wore my hair like a badge though. I think only eccentric, crazy, artsy girls like me do that — and it was definitely not because I was listening to Skrillex; I only began listening to dubstep after the fact. And then started doing some avatars for a few friends. I’ve actually been doing stylized portraits for awhile now. My beginnings with selling this though, started with Fiver.com, but then I realized, that $4 (customers pay $5, but $1 goes into Fiver, and the $4 goes to you) was not feasible. Especially when a typical caricature costs $20 on average from a street vendor. Maybe if I drew it in 15 minutes, but oftentimes, the terms and conditions required that the seller offer revisions. So that normally drives up the minutes, because you have to put in extra time to make revisions. I usually put in a good amount of effort. So takes me time to assess first, the reference photos and then personality. I’ve since moved on and have found out that sort of website is not for me because of the amount of work I put in and the quality that people got didn’t really translate into $5 so it didn’t make sense to stay. And then ArtCorgi found me, and I was very happy.

If you’re curious on how the process is like, it starts off like this:

1) Someone finds me on ArtCorgi because they like my style. They upload the references, and provide important details. In this case, the chibis need a quick personality bio. What kind of person are you? Upbeat, friendly, angry, shy? Etc… Reference photos need to have a full frontal head shot, side shots and 3/4 quarter views, and a full body shot. Also, important to include the type of clothing you’ll be wearing in your photos. I’m not your fashion stylist, unless you pay me and tell me that I am. Plus, clothing that we wear communicates another piece of personality, so I always ask if its not provided, otherwise, I assume its what is worn in the photos I’m given. However, I don’t mind someone telling me they want their head put on top of a manticore’s body. I’m just doing my job. Lol.

2) The email comes in, and Simone, the site admin and intermediary, gives me a basic rundown and expected deadline and other details, yada yada yada.

3) After reading the email, taking notes, and looking over the references, I set up my workspace. Always need 2 monitors. I put up all the references onto 1 monitor, and the main monitor with Photoshop up. As I would like to show a set up of this, but I don’t really want to have my clients photos uploaded online without their consent. But here is an example of what it may look like:


So many windows… Music is hidden…

4) Sketching begins.


5) After sketching is complete, I send over what I got to Simone and Linda for feedback.

6) I get feedback. Mostly all right, the client says it looks like her, just need more blush, hair color, details in shoes, and minor body adjustments. Hair color was actually just a dark shade of blonde, but better to let me know first. The sketch phase here does not include the little details quite yet so don’t be scared, this is not the final outcome if you actually studied my style of art. I’m more of the sketchy inbetween artist — I do not waste time rendering in the beginning stages until I am sure the client tells me the sketch outline is good to go. My WIP almost always never turns out the like the final during reviewing.

7) Process. If you’re curious, I always put the first sketch into a 21% opacity, and draw new cleaner outline on top. But I like to keep the sketch underneath for added tones.



Building up midtones.


More details to face.


Added highlights.


Flower created with pen tool, with two shades of purple.


Created white outline swirls, and set to 68%.



Final results.

Here is another one with Alison the Bluebelle Fairy:


Final: alison_bluebellefairy_web

Closeup: alison_bluebellefairy_closeup


Interested in getting this commission? Please use my referral link: http://artcorgi.com?referral=23 and find Tannie Duong. 🙂

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Life updating and One of my sketching Workflows

Is it just me or is WordPress trying too hard to be like Tumblr? If I wanted to be on Tumblr, I’d go on my tumblr… But in any case. Hi again.

I keep meaning to put a post up for Diego Velasquez… but my art books are not with me. So its been so hard to be separated from my personal library of awesomeness.. Vagabond life SUCKS. Maybe I chose this life. Or maybe it was just thrown at me, or maybe its just being young. After moving home with my parents, I moved again back to OC so I could go to work in Long Beach. It’s been interesting. Some of the glamour has faded, but I feel like my life has been repurposed just a little bit. I’ve been good at forcing myself to sleep earlier (than normal) and waking up early in the morning to either do more freelancing work with a certain client, catching up on art related thing, or working on my character designing! I’m excited to say, I’m actually drawing again. Little by little. I whine about not having enough time every day, but it actually works out in the fact that you can do so much more when you’re under pressure — because when you’re under time constraints, there’s a more likely chance to prioritize tasks and get stuff done. This is why procrastination works so well, probably! But its really better to hone that particular skill instead of letting it guilt you into work.

I used to be a night owl, but I’ve turned into an early bird after turning 23. And it works out. I remember working on certain school projects, I’ll wake up suddenly, shoot out of bed and start drawing because my brain solved my design problems whilst sleeping. And then it’ll be like, “OH MY GAWD. YESS. THIS IS HOW ITS GONNA WORK.” People have a romantic idea that this happens only when the mood strikes, but really, its a gradual process, and you have to keep working to get good. Unfortunately, I struggle with doing that sometimes still. But lately, I feel so proud of myself despite a lot of rough pathways in the road.

Sketching late night at Cefiore! I’m thinking about giving my Harpy airship an actual captain.

harpy_captain_character_silhouette_1 harpy_captain_character_silhouette_2

I dunno if anyone remembers this post on my facebook page (of the alchemy sketch below), and wondering why I’m designing demonic things. Not into devil worship or anything…

I feel bad that I haven’t finished this yet since I’ve been working on this since the beginning of January, but I’m designing the devil for my Bearskin project.

So, I’ve decided to share a bit of my process here:

I use the Alchemy sketching program, and its pretty gnarly. I love using it when I need to see shapes. It’s like looking at clouds and finding the image in the cloud.




I like to start designing the head first because I need to know what personality my character is. I always write an aside note as I’m sketching the top priorities are. For these heads, he had to be “tricksy,” “evil-looking,” “smart/cunning,” and I’m developing this with non-human traits. I was blending a bit of creature design here.

And then I start on the silhouettes. Self-explanatory. I really liked the skinny design, and it would be opposite of my Bearskin character, who’s like a bear-were-animal.


sketchbook_devil_bearskin_2 sketchbook_devil_bearskin_3 sketchbook_devil_bearskin

And my drunken animation of him walking… “gracefully.” I used gifpaint! The whole time I thought — “But I have Flash CS6!”


And this is more character sketching. I’ll actually be working on two devils, one for animation and one for video game design. So we’ll see how that turns out.

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The end of Fall 2009

YAYAYAY! i’m completely finished. SUPER ÜBER relieved. So tired. Comics class is still as ridiculous as ever. Illustration 2 class  taught me a lot. Clothed figure drawing 2 was so-so. English; creative persuasion and argument was cool, also learned a lot. That’s my semester. Phewwwww.

Reflecting on my finals: the two comic pages, surprising, I did not get a critique for the second page because the instructor was being forgetful, I dunno his excuse, he apologized though. I’m like, whatever, we make mistakes. I forgive you. But the irony is that that page turned out much better because the first page had a lot of crap going on. It was hard to see, I’ll admit. But really, I didn’t put my heart into it. There was something wrong with the story, I did not like it. But I couldn’t go backwards and say, I don’t want to do this. It was too late to change it. I was running on low energy, and being sad kind of makes you not want to do anything. Originally, I was going to make the fourth guy in the second panel for page one think, “Aw man, I gotta go real bad!” instead of “hide behind the rocks!” I wasn’t sure how crude we were allowed to be….

The thumbnails for the salon shop was actually my last final assignment. Class as whole was very boring, I also wanted to get it over and done with. I’m quite neutral with it. But the artist quotes we got each week was inspiring at least.

The two night and morning collages was one of the last assignments for illustration 2. Those two pictures summarized the last 3 months quite well for me, I think. And lastly, the Visual Kei poster was the most fun to do. I couldn’t wait to get started, and I thought, I’d really like this as a poster on my wall. And I will, after I clean up the borders some more and glaze it.

What do I do now? I know! Play games… a lot of it. Well, I’ll get bored though. I have some things I have to do, like a friend commissioned me to do an illustration since October! I’m still halfway done. I hope she’s not mad…. 😐 And I haven’t put made my xmas gifts yet. Agh… I’m also hoping to get back my normal schedule. Well, sleeping in the morning and sleeping at night is normal to me. It’s just out of sync with just about 70% of people in the world. That’s just a guess, btw.

So I opted to exercise a little bit today. My lungs had hurt soooo bad… and I had headaches, and my throat got dry and breathing was uncomfortable. What that means? I’m super weak and physically challenged. I only ran about 4 or 5 minutes and then, I couldn’t take it anymore! Walking is healthy too and less hazardous to my knee joints. We’ll see what kind of exercising I do tomorrow.

Perhaps in another day or two, I’ll be posting up some other concept sketches and practices I did inbetween assignments. Doing concept sketches is way more fun, but only if I like them. I’m wondering how I’ll fair with different clienteles….

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I’m back!

Yeah! And with a sunburn and other such unfortunate events like getting sick… I went to Anime Expo and I brought home an internal souvenir. Almost better now, I had to concede and drink medicine because my fever got out of control. Anyway, I had a blast at Anime Expo. I met Mana from Moi dix Mois, and was the main reason for my sunburn because frackin’ autograph session was canceled to the next day, the 5th on sunday. So I sat in the sun, with no sunblock, and totally exposed myself to ugly UV radiation… I will not jinx myself anymore and keep the bad away and hope my “new” mole isnt new, but an overlooked old mole. >_> Well, Mana seems like a sweetie, but I am smiteful and bitter, so I won’t be listening to any of his music. I’ll upload the autograph later… And my shoulder is so itchy now because the skin is beginning to dry up… t_t And not to mention I was so fatiqued from waiting outside that my sickness got worse, and I had this terrible fever by the end of the day. Gawd! Was the signature worth it!? I DON’T KNOW! Although the concert was pretty fun….

Well, other than that, I am so unstable in my digital illustration class. Sometimes I do really good, I get A- and then other days I get like a C or B- …. It’s so… like a roller coaster! This class is so hard…. 😐 My instructor sometimes seems friendly, and then other times, I don’t really know what he means. >< And like… I’m doing work later for my writing for comics class, which I feel bad about because I can’t seem to do everything at once. Oh… I dunno.

Slowly working on my android girls. This is Android #2, and I saved myself some time and did it for a class assignment.

Android #2

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So what happened this morning…

Parents are returning monday from their vacation. I am worried, but I’m not sure I am as worried as my sister. She is a nurse, so of course she’s going to feel antsy that my parents went there to get laser surgery. Is it safe? Who knows, maybe Asians just have a knack for surgery. I hear Korea is very good at it… They are also very good with straight perms. Susan is just worried that they might get an infection or something because we heard from the people they are living with currently — they had to have a change of bandage daily. And that’s like, “WTF? What’s happening? Nande-bayo?” (And before you think anything, I just want to add that I understand that my parents have been suffering from low self-esteem, limited education, and a biased view of outside beauty. It will not fix their problems automatically, but they are not dead yet, therefore, I believe that they still have some time to learn new things. Experience makes us all the wiser.)

I’m really mad at Nico, she shat in my room when I let her off the leash some nights ago and I just discovered it this morning. I was super pissed. And she made a mess last night too. So I blew up.

And this is how it went:

I yell, pointing at the poop and the pee 3 feet away from her training pad. That’s a large gap to “miss.” Took out the nerf shotgun (its modifed, btw, so it stings and is louder) and shot her 4 times. Ran out of bullets. Tossed her out for a few minutes to make sure she doesn’t pee on the tile when I do it again. Grabbed her, brought her upstairs and confronted her about the poop in my room. Leashed her to the step ladder. Brought out the shotgun. Bang,  bang. Five out of six bullets made a hit. Two headshots, hit her forehead.  Grabbed the RCP-90 (firefly rev-b) nerf, 6 out of 8 made a hit.

Two hours later, I forgive her. We are walking in the backyard. I am inside now. “What is in her mouth?” I thought. I call her over. I reach for her mouth, she drops a ball of dirt that spreads across the floor. The tile is dirty once more. Fuck. In auto reaction, my hand smacks her backside, I throw her out again.

Time to buy more eggs, apples, and bananas.


I seem to notice that most people are using blogspot for their artblogs.  😦 It would be the professional thing to do… I have no time to work on a website right now, which is what I want to do to keep it separate. I’m surprised at this guy who uses his facebook as a gallery. I don’t know how that is working out for him. Maybe its just a personal preference?

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I feel like poo…

I’m not sure what makes my tummy all bloat-y but I’m not feeling so hot right now. Well, it could be the sea-salt taffy, I should check for milk ingredients. I did have soy milk, but is it really a problem? Sometimes… but it’s like… UGH. Or there was something I ate for dinner that had too much oil in it… which I’m sure constitutes for a lot of the Korean pancake thing… and there was this tuna… it should be okay? I have no idea even though I liked it because it was raw on the inside. 😦 Sigh. I was in an incredible mood today though. I was watching a lot of Stephen Chow movies. He’s like the best comedian actor. Ever. And like… if I should be unfortunate enough to get cancer I’d buy all his movies and spend my days laughing so hard there will be tears in my eyes and my stomach would ache. There was a particular scene from Out of the Dark that was just so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing. During inbetweens, I wondered if I was loud enough for my neighbors XD. So there is a scene, a woman who was trying to kill herself, and she was like, “Why are you saving me?! Let me join my husband so we can come back to haunt you!” And each time he revived her she killed herself again, until he killed her himself when he tried to stop her from shooting herself. Anyways, the violence is somehow the best because it’s made in such a fashion that it doesn’t seem serious. I think this was funnier than his recent movies, but I’m glad he’s made a comeback, I wondered about him.

I’ve also been putting off work, and I don’t want to mention them only because it’s confidential work related. It’s not even work, it’s volunteer but I’m treating it as an internship. I’m basically a graphic designer even though that’s not my major. But illustration is such a broad degree that I should be able to do anything I want. It’s not a hard thing, the only thing that should limit you is the knowledge that a person lacks from doing art. And even though, a newbie could paint a Picasso style art, I don’t know if it would carry the same emotion. If there was one thing in the book Dorian Gray that I learned or really thought more thoroughly about, it would be that an artist could be put so much work with his emotions, his feelings, and his heart. I felt bad for Basil that he was murdered for something so incredulous by his own creation, but that’s when Dorian really became fallen. Maybe that’s why a lot of my ideas aren’t even carried is because they’re half-assed and I don’t think about them. But there’s some things that I put all my soul into and that’s something to shape my own base desire. I’m actually a little drunk because I’m tired. I strained myself mentally drawing 3 portraits, but it was 4 only because there was one that I started on but I ended scrapping it because it was so ugly in the end. The irony behind it was, the person who posed for me kept saying she didn’t want any wrinkles on her face and she didn’t want to look old. The picture that I did for hours was like… old and wrinkled… hah… I don’t know. Too much pressure, too much restrictions, my heart was not into it anymore. I redid her with a more freestyle. But by the time I got to the third person who asked for a portrait, I was frustrated beyond anything, and I was so mad at myself because I couldn’t get it right. I probably wouldn’t survive being a caricature artist. Hell no. One picture is tiring enough. This also goes to show that when people put restrictions on others, it really limits them. And this is coming from a personal standpoint from tonight. But I’m going to try to stay awake longer so I can finish this project I’ve been putting off. That is all.

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Calming Day


Unsettling mind,

I cleanse with inner strength, courage,

and peace, be thankful.

I just had a pleasant talk with someone, and it took four days to spring up some courage for it. In the end, I have a greater understanding of these people whom I feel a separation from. I shouldn’t feel that way, if indeed they and I are the same. Which I do truly think, all people are the same mainly because we all walk the same path eventually, some slower than others. Today was suppose to be a spiritual day, and I guess it was. I’ve been neglecting to meditate daily, I guess school does this to you? Well, I’m going to try again, I do this a lot, on and off, but I believe in the essence of spirituality, so this is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I’ve been practicing with markers!

Castle in the NightDark Stare

I couldn’t completely scan my entire name on the first one because my scanner can’t scan everything even though the scanner bed fit the height quite well. I actually did these pretty fast, and I like them a lot, because I’m getting the hang of using my warm grey markers. As one can see, the first image is of my first thumbnail in the last entry. I didn’t expect to do them today, but I just felt like it. The second picture was not suppose to be final, I was just playing around, that’s why there’s some unwanted lines in it still. It’s not official, but I still like it!

I don’t really have much to say today. Another poem for another time.

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