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Pixar fieldtrip and Polar Bears ‘n’ Little Girls

I recently visited Pixar for a field trip/make-up class. It was one of the most neat field trips I’ve gone on. No, I didn’t take pictures and neither did I buy any souvenirs, but I have my memories! I was surprised that it was located in Emeryville, among the clusters of shopping departments. But let’s admit it, that area, though has shoppers and some pretty cool apartment complexes hosts some pretty strange people. I got hungry and didn’t know I was going to have lunch inside so I went to Subway. And there were some interesting characters hanging in the front. The lady in front of me had a strange demeanor to her child, but I didn’t pay too much attention. Just a family going out. Actually, that Orchard Chicken sandwich wasn’t too bad.

Well, I saw it down the street, with a big arch and toll booth beyond. Actually, it was not shaped like an arch, it was an archway with big horizontal letters that read: P I X A R (and then, Animation at the bottom). It was covered by a hedge of bushes. The place itself was very much like a college campus. I found that really weird, but the place is so well kept and nice. This company obviously cares much about their employees. I’m so happy for these people. It must rock to work their. Well, had lunch with the teach, now that was really nice. You never really get to know your instructors much, but this was really cool. Then we had a tour and looked at Toy Story 3 art. I didn’t mind it much because I got to see even more of the art that the art book I had purchased prior did not include. This definitely helped me in many ways to prepare my future work and portfolio. I feel very lucky to be in this class. I might complain about having too much work from 3 art classes, but I cannot imagine changing any of my experiences because they have taught me many things that I don’t want to undo. I’ve also been much more lenient on myself about certain things and sleeping a little better at night. Mostly because this past month has been positive. I think that has a lot to do with waking up early in the morning. I think I am a morning person, though I work late at night best. It’s a struggle, but I’m dealing with it. I almost forgot to mention there was a really big statue of Sully from Monsters, Inc. I was tempted to run up to it and hug it because it was so furry. 😛

I really love this sketch. Now that the final weeks are rolling around, I need to finalize all my designs for this class and I have 2 weeks. I believe that it is doable.

The assignment: created to characters that depend on each other for survival; one of smarter than the other, and the other is much more simple minded.

Firstly, I must apologize to my own bear, Snowbie because he isn’t dumb. He’s a panserbjørne. And I miss my stuffed animals, they have to be locked up in a closet in a black plastic bag, which unfortunately, makes them smell like plastic. I’m crazy. I’m 22. And I have a closet full of plush toys. And I make my own plush toys too. The crazy doll lady.

Anyway, about the characters:

The girl is:

  • aristocratic.
  • needs more parental love.
  • needs love in general.
  • spiteful and too smart for a child.
  • cannot walk and depends on things like crutches and big bears to carry her around.
The Polar Bear is:
  • a servant and protector.
  • loving.
  • patient and kind.
  • doting.
  • sensitive, but not particularly smart.
The first stages of design, I thought the bear to be like a fighting bear, so I thought Philip Pullman! and armored bears, but I don’t think it fit very well in context unless this was an adventure story. Well, I decided to give the bear a high-class suit, but tailored for a servant. I think that he is above a servant, but I think that he has to dress like one since he is the main care-taker for the girl.
That’s all for now.

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