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Top Favorite Artists: John Singer Sargent

I feel that for some reason, I’m always forgetting who my favorite artists are. Especially, the classic/master artists, so I’m just gonna start posting them… Just haven’t really produced any art lately though, sort of happens when you get in a sort of funk and life gets in the way and a ton of other silly things to worry about that I wish didn’t even have to think about.

John Singer Sargent

is an American artist but has actually spent more time in Europe in his entire life. He’d studied art in Paris, and was a prolific portrait painter of his time. However, he practiced a lot of landscape and other subject matters as well as his portraits and worked en plein air, which literally means “in the open air.” It is a French phrase that means painting outdoors.

One of the great things that I love about his style is that it is very loose and yet, very realistic. He has an almost “tight” but “loose” kind of style, that most art students envy. I mean, other than saying he’s just fantastic and I wish I could paint like him, it is worth it in my opinion to study almost his works since he has such good control over his technique. He is a master of both oil paint and watercolor, which I think is pretty amazing simply because these two mediums are complete opposites of each other. I think this style is very similar to Velasquez who also paints with loose brush strokes. It is because the works are actually quite large, however, if one were to zoom into the picture, one can see the individual brushstrokes.




The Daughters of Edward Darley Bolt




Carnation Lily Lily Rose


Karer See, watercolor


Spanish Dancer


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Summer vacation begins!

Yep. I’m done with school. Oh, man, I was so happy when finals were over. It was like a big burden had lifted off my shoulders.  Although, the last few were fun to do. Particularly, my editorials, and that painting of the girl w/ purple hair. But then it just kind of got too much at the end. My brain fizzlesssss…. It’s important to like what you do, yes, but I can’t work non-stop for more than than 40 hours a week. Too tiring. I really admire hard-working people.

Liv Tyler Editorial


The signatures are obtrusive and I added them, but the originals don’t have it. I think… it is fair that I take protective rights to my illustrations. Although, I don’t seem to do that with my fine art stuff… 😛 There’s just too many and tedious for everything.


^This could have been handled better, but I ran out of time. :\ The lighting was somewhat overcast, so it was really difficult with the values and subtleness of how the light catches.


^The feet is cropped off from the canvas, but it w as too hard to do… cast shadow needs to be fixed. :\ Well, he liked how I painted the legs. 😀 I got an A- for this and the other painting. My first one! I am happy. Teacher is a hard grader but getting an A is awesome. ^_^

There was also that dragon picture/book cover assignment I did, it wasn’t very good because I colored it too dark, so I will not post such failures on my bloggy. The colors just weren’t working. I tried though… :\ Man, I wish I did the Golden Compass instead, I think I would have been more happy.


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2 projects down, 5 more to go!

  1. Illustration 1: editorial for video game addiction
  2. Illustsration 1: editorial for liv tyler
  3. Illustration 1: Eragon picture redo
  4. Head and Hands 1: Exercise 14 open media
  5. Head and hands 1: Self-portrait, charcoal
  6. Intro to Painting, figure: Final 1
  7. Intro to Painting, figure: Final 2

And then some discussions for History of illustration. I’m suppose to be done with all essays for that. Phew… thank god. My instructor was smart to do it a week earlier.

The self portrait won’t be due till the 12th, the second part of my figure painting final is due the 14th, and  everything else is due on the 11th.


Some girl, I tried to do exaggerated color. Her body is a good example of an S shape, very curvy. I like it, and also the fact that it seemed really easy to paint her for some reason. Her face, needs work though. It was weird because you’re looking up, so its this weird angle… need to fix. I forgot to add credit that this model can be found on characterdesigns.com.


I don’t know this model’s name even though I draw him so often. I tried my hands at watercolor. I did a drawing in watercolor pencils and then I painted over it. Need to work on some edges though. I always though I sucked with watercolor, but if you actually buy it from the real tubes and not the crappy palette ones they sell to kids, it is possible to add layer. I found that incredibly amazing. I always thought you should work fast because when watercolor goes on, its hard to take off on paper. Could be a different for canvas, haven’t tried, but maybe I should. Most mediums, there should be thought and care put into your picture. I’m always finding this. With this medium it’s watery, you kind of lose some colors, or brilliance. I don’t think that it is possible to make incredibly saturated colors.

Not feeling very talky about the usual games and other non-related geeky things I like, but I just visted my old xanga. I think, I sense my self-conscious and insecure self in the way I wrote. It’s …uh… very pessimistic sometimes, and very sad-sounding. I was such a melancholy person in high school. I’m debating whether I should delete it completely. I changed my real name and everything. So employers shouldn’t find me. 😀 I also felt very bored while reading it too. For some entries, it was funny, then others, it’s like, I’m just talking about my day to day and some self-bashing, and some random garble. God, I’m sorry to myself and to my old readers. Haha….

I’m not feeling well at the moment because in my desperation to munch on something today, I made tea….. with milk. Why do I do that even though I’m intolerant? I was bored I guess… needed a break. I’ve been painting for 2 days anyways. Yes, the painting up there exceeds 6 hours, its more like… 10 – 12 hours? I could have imagined one more hour to fix her face though.

But I’m so proud of myself! I feel like I have so much time even though it’s finals. I’ve been a good girl and doing work and it feels good to not scramble to get something done for once. I have 5 projects left, but 3 aren’t too bad and are due in 2 days, and the others are a little after. Should be plenty of time. Pheww……….

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First week of Spring ’09

Yeah, gettin’ lazy but that is why I its good to post up hw. hehe… any who’s


Yes, you study those terms… ._. Me teacher says the core shadow should be lightened. I did go pretty dark.


Head from memory. Not too shabby, but I cheated slightly.. 😛


Got lazy so I didn’t really put effort into the neck down, so you can tell that it sucks from there.. haha.


I should have been more neat. Be neat!!! Gets you far in life.


First figure I have ever painted in oil. I fixed the improvements earlier today, but I didn’t bother retaking the photo.


I took this at about 9 ish… so it is dark… and if I put up the lamp really close, there would be major glare from the light and the paint isn’t dried.

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Apple Pie


It’s apple pie! Har har har. For once I have a real title… hahaha

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Homework 2 Final Painting

This is my second hw of the semester for still life.

Featuring a wine bottle and glass. — Reflective and glass studies w/ oil paint.

Ooh, and another note, I like my new theme. It’s nice and clean. Feels a lot more neat than before. I changed the header picture, which I just finished doing about 10 minutes ago, took me an hour and half. Yeah… I like graphics. XD But it’s just a hobby. Brushes are from vanilla designs, I think you can look the maker up. There’s a lot of free brushes out there, just have to be sure to reference them if they ask. That Chinese girl isn’t mine either… 😛 Contemporary Chinese CG artist, who does lovely pictures, realistic. Hmm.. wouldn’t call it CG because it might not be computer-made.

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Some updates and afflicting choices for the near future.

Lime, orange, and white container

Lime, orange, and white container

Full color palette, still life, week 4.

Sketchbook pictures, people study, clothed figure drawing. I’m getting better, but I can’t look directly at people yet. It’s weird.

Now for the rant.

I’ve been feeling down lately. Because I hate making decisions. Free will is such… a difficult thing. People should feel blessed but it’s such a curse at the same time. Ridiculous, I can’t decide what I want to do. Advance my education 2 times faster or go to Italy. Advance or have a wonderful, worldly experience. Well, you only take 4 classes, I want to take 5 next spring, but that raises tuition. Does this mean I want to taste the nector of the world. Going to Italy has too many pros and cons. I just don’t know what outweighs the other.


– I meet new people, make new friends, maybe. I need to work on my aloof personality.

– See an archaic city at it’s finest.

– It’s fucking Italy.

– Broaden my horizons.

– Get out of my house for 7.5 weeks.

– Be away from people.

– Painting and drawing in Rome, Venice… the works

– Really good opportunity for exploration.

_ It’ll be fun.


– It’s about $12,000 – 13,000 D: This does not include food expense and souvenirs.

– It will take me forever to find the money.

– If I take out loans, it will take me longer to pay it all back.

– Our economy is in a recession.

– I’ll need to finally sign up for a credit card (but that’s not even a problem)

– Money is hard to come by.

– My cons are entirely made up of money issues.

– I might only take one class for summer when I should take 2.

– I could take 5 classes for all my semesters because my financial aid covers tuition and a little more, so I don’t want to borrow more money. Really don’t want to borrow anymore.

– Getting injured, or stolen from, but that’s the least of my worries.

– I feel guilty, so I am lengthening the list for cons.

– I’m being selfish, this is my heart’s desire.

Outside view:

After school, I can embark on my own personal journey. It will just take longer. I can finish school fast in 4 years, and I’ll lesson my load if I stay with my parents until graduation. What I’m worried, is that I’ll break down from living with my parents for too long. The harder the fall, the higher the ascension. Must I continue falling? All right… I should dig myself a big pit. A BIG pit, filled with snakes and darkness and hope I can climb back out again. If I dont make it out, I think mental institutions will gladly take me in for study.

Humans do not intentionally put themselves into pain, no one wants that. I don’t know how people can cut themselves, but they only think it makes them better. Mutilating a perfectly good body that was a gift; it’s like giving away your friend’s photo to some stranger so he can do dirty things with it. I should remind myself that all my possessions, even the ones I bought were given to me. That the universe has more abundance in it than what currency should mean.

Now. Italy? Or advancement? What one would be the pit? Emotionally, this is stressing me because I need to make a decision soon. So I can enroll in classes.

I can’t live with my parents forever, but I don’t want to owe anymore money.

I’m cursing in my head right now. It’s a stream of “f*ck,” “damnit,” and “this is stupid.”

Oh, yes and ants taking a liking to me. They’re everywhere around the house. Sometimes I feel them on my skin. It didn’t click to me until yesterday, but apparently, they have a message that is being delivered to me. If ants were my totem, I only think it’s temporary. They’re itchy and they bite. Lately, I feel like I’ve been getting rashes on my upper arms from nothing. It just itches so bad, but I see nothing. Such an urgent message. Well. I will admit, I’ve been slacking. I’ve been neglecting work too. I haven’t started on anything and when I do start, it’s turned in late. I said I wanted a job, but I’m not looking for it. I don’t want to do anything. I sit in front of my computer. and even when I have nothing to do on it, I still try to find something to do so I can waste time. I don’t think blogging  right now is a waste because I’m trying to sort out lingering thoughts.

Ants and what they mean? It’s obvious, they are the hard workers in society. Now I haven’t been hard working as I have just confessed! As disgusting as they do feel, I do admire them for their effort. Such small beings, they can accomplish anything they want if humans weren’t tryint to kill with Raid. I am not disciplining myself. I think it is hard to. I am neglecting my own self, I’m not even laying a good foundation I’ve been done nothing! I’m not adding new structures to my life. I need to write more affirmations now.

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RAWR!! Late assignment

Man, I’m so frustrated!! I turned in a late assignment today. It was due 2 days ago, but I didn’t know!!! D: So sad… I just want to scream… FUCKKKKKKKK!!! Like that. But my neighbors will think I’m crazy. I suppose it’s not the end of the world. It’s still only the third week, I’ve got some time till the end of the semester.

And this is the late assignment:

fake champagne bottle, yellow apple, jujube

fake champagne bottle, yellow apple, jujube

This is a limited palette. I only used titanium white, yellow ochre, terra rosa, and ivory black. It makes a full palette because ivory black has elements of blue, it’s not completely black. Same goes with titanium white, so if you use titanium white on something, it will ultimately have a “cool” look. Ivory black and yellow ochre = green, ivory black and terra rosa = purple, ivory black = blue. White = white. This is a very desaturated palette.

I’m feeling like I’ve all ready got the hang of using oil paints, it’s just that I can’t copy exactly. I don’t know. There’s still more to be improved… 13 weeks from now. YOSHU!!


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