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Monkeys and Satyrs

I have been trying to make it a point to update more, so I just wanted to post some things I’ve done over the past week. I’m taking creature design this semester and so far, it has been good. The first week was shakey, but I’m trying to get over the fact that I’ve been in quite a slump in energy. And also, I’m extremely sensitive to critiques.. I always come to class incessantly worrying that what I make is shit. I can’t help it… I won’t lie that being an artist is extremely, extremely difficult for me when it comes to feedback — I used to be able to handle it pretty well… I am 22, I wonder if that affects anything… hahaha. I’m pretty frightened on the inside when waiting for my turn to get critiqued; my blood pumps fast and my chest heaves up and down more frequently, my nerves are not made of steel because on the inside, I quiver. This reminds me that I used to say, my hands are too soft, they are not made of steel like my dad. He seriously, reaches his hand onto a hot pot handle without gloves right from the oven. I’m soft and mushy like a riceball and could fall apart easily if the rice doesn’t stick will; I guess we are what we eat.

I’ve misplaced my wacom pen. My room is a mess, I haven’t had the energy to clean up much since I’m too busy freaking out about assignments. Driving me nuts being without it. I wish it was like a cellphone, I can just call myself and I’d be able to locate it. So I feel I shouldn’t post things right now since I cannot find my pen. In any case, I’ll just put up some things until I can locate my missing tool. :\

So basically, I took a Rhesus Macaque (me – kawk) and an ibex and turned it into a satyr. In my research of primates, I’ve learned interesting things. I think it was Barbary Macaques or any kind of macaque and mandrill/baboon — females in heat could have swollen butts and they present it to males. But monkeys are smart, Rhesus monkeys are smart. In India, they cohabit with people in the city. Oh yes, shockingly, orangutans tend to rape their females, and there are some who have taken interest in human women and are known to attack their researchers. So… this totally gave me a 360. Those simians are not as innocent as we think. 😐 And pygmy chimps have females who are known for sexual favors when they are initiated into a new group. It makes me think about humans, women, and society quite a bit.

Uh, these need to be fixed. I consider these works-in-progress. I hope to go over them later in the future, if time permits.

And I forgot to say, I’m going back to watercolor, and it’s so much more fun for me… I love watercolor more than using my tablet.

And another edit. I also did a very simple “how-to.”  It’s actually not a how-to since all I did was explain theories and concepts and didn’t very well do a step-by-step tutorial.

Well, go check it out anyways at:


This blog is a culmination of 6 active admins and talking about silly, geeky things. It’d be even cooler if we got more people there though.


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