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Abusing Time

I’ve been staying at my sister and her boyfriend’s place for about 3 days now, probably a few days longer. They just bought a Wii, the second to last piece left on the shelf. It sounds great, but unfortunately, I’ve been playing too much of it. But I finished my final just today for color and design. I might as well post it up since I can’t for anything else.



For my final project, I illustrated a comic book style scene called, “The Witche’s Tree House.” The use of analogous colors of green, green-blue, and blue is to create a calming and yet mysterious atmosphere; contrary to the title it is meant to be serene. The complementary colors red and red-orange is used to offset what was inside the forest before the group of characters entered into the lively green forest. For this piece, I used atmospheric perspective concepts, the furthest away is the lightest, and the closest objects are darkest. The focal point is the doorway on the ground in the picture, and the characters lead to that point. The trees to the side are used to frame the entire picture and the to keep eyes from wandering outside. This was done in guoache paint.
It’s 8.5×11 inches, so it’s quite big. No standard scanner can get the whole thing…. I had to take some close ups with my digi cam.

Updates on my knee, my dad is planning to take me to the doctor to get an x-ray to see nothing wrong. Honestly, it worries me because it feels weird and I can’t stretch out my leg fully. And it feels achy, I’m still limping, except I don’t need crutches anymore. I hope its only a bruised knee. Maybe if it healed straight, I wouldn’t be thinking about it so much. I almost cried because I really don’t want to walk like a peg-leg. 😐


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