Tannie Dương

(tan-ny, yeung)

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site and am glad to know my guests would like to get to know me! I consider myself an artist of all trades. That is, I dabble in all kinds of crafts: I like to make girly headbands, sock dolls, and craft cards for friends and family. However, that doesn’t exactly limit me to being a lady person because I am also fascinated by weaponry such as knives and guns and video games. I like to ask “how” & “why” stuff work a lot.

About this blog:

I started this blog when I first started college — it was meant to document my journeys through art school. The internet was still quite young, and so was Facebook. There wasn’t too much fear or repercussions about posting personal anecdotes online, so if you go far back, there’s going to be some personal excerpts. Now that the focus of this blog has changed, all those old posts and ramblings probably make much less sense to have around, but I’ve decided to keep them — its really because I don’t know how I am going to filter out the bad posts to begin with, but almost 80% were art related anyway. I considered actually changing my blog address during the last year of college, but I’ve decided to keep it. I chose the url “greenmossway” because it belonged to a story that I was writing at the time. I had an elaborate plan to link my web url’s to “places” in the story. It was never realized because I could never finish that story. So “Green Moss Way” leads to “The Transcient Cafe.” Hah! Get it?! 😀 I feel like I’ve made a home for my art here for the last 6 years, so it’s almost hard to leave this blog behind. The Transcient Cafe is here to stay. I decided to keep moving forward with it just like I do with my art process. Sometimes, its better to keep working forward instead of going backwards. I’ve since moved my personal ramblings to other venues that are much more private, so nobody has to worry about me rambling on about stuff like that anymore. 🙂

This blog now chronicles my current endeavors as a freelance illustrator, and mainly my work process. I’m working on creating videos eventually. I also would love to be able to do more art related reviews such as my experience with certain art tools.

About Tannie:

My main interests have always been storytelling, which is why I love illustration as a professional career. I believe in good character design because the main focus of all stories are the characters, so it is important to have good character/creature design. But that is not to say that the setting and environments are not important! Anything that serves the story or the focus is important — for video games, movies/cartoons, and comics.

I also do graphic design as a hobby. I started with basic photography in high school, which helped me to like photoshop, and then brought me to take graphic design classes. I never took a fine art class, but that is fine with me in my pre-college days. However, things have changed since I went to art school.

Most people who meet me for the first time always tell me I am really nice. Actually, some people totally think I’m socially awesome, and that makes me really happy to know, but I still think I’ve much to learn about social etiquette. I like to make people feel comfortable in my presence because I’m silent a lot of the times when I’ve nothing to say. Remember: it’s only awkward if you make it awkward.

I have a love for [retro] video games, comic books, and reading. Well, I wouldn’t be an artist without those things, but currently, there’s not too much time that should be spent on games since becoming an adult. Except if you want to add me as a friend on Diablo 3, my ign: Tanzerdragon#1514. Please let me know you found me via blog otherwise, I’ll just think you’re a creepy person….

And to be even more unconventional, I taught myself how to type on the DVORAK keyboard, this is different from the standard QWERTY. It helps reduce carpel tunnel syndrome, type faster, and so much more easier to learn. I keep my keyboard as it is without changing up the keys, but have completely memorized DVORAK. Unfortunately, I’m now a part of a minority group of typists…

I’m also into Green ideas! I believe in sustainability, recycling, and reusing as much as possible having lived in San Francisco and Berkeley for about 5 years before returning again to my native SoCal.


Have a twitter?! Say hello to @tanzerdragon!

Also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Tannie.Art

Official visual development portfolio website: http://www.TannieArt.com/


2 responses to “About

  1. Stumbled on your page doing a search on shadow of the colossus, haha. Anyway, impressive art. I’m here to stay. I’ll be back to critique.

  2. Woah, great art. I think you left me a comment before the most recent one but I guess I’d forgotten to comment.

    You’re awesome. And yes, the world’s still spinning.

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