If you had a love letter, who would you send it to?

I don’t have a love letter, but I’m trying to think that if I had someone I wanted to write a letter to, who would it be? When my friends come to mind, not a single one, I wouldn’t get anything back. Just like my phone calls. I love getting letters by mail, it’s personal and it’s for ME. Except for bills and all that. I get excited when I get a letter in the mail. I have a pen nib and ink too… I wonder if a majority of America thinks that way, or it’s just me….

Anyway, if I could have voted today, I would have voted for Obama. You can’t waste your vote on third parties because they will never be counted and I just dislike the Bush administration, and neither was the woman running for vice president favorable. She’s a bit coo-coo. I think she would have made woman look worse than they all ready do. No offense, I’m a female advocate, go ladies! but she wants to have children be taught abstinance only? I don’t think they’ll listen, it is like a parent who is being too strict, they will rebel. It’s a known trait, and it’s inevitable. And what if they don’t know about how to use a condom or the idea of a condom? Really now… And also incorporating Christianity into biology. That is human opinion and you don’t need to enforce your ideas onto someone else. Pure crap. Anyway. Some of Last week’s works.

Chinese wine cups and a gold nugget

Chinese wine cups and a gold nugget

This week was about patterns. My ellipses still suck, but I like the color that came out of this. It’s not bad either, but then again, I chose something really easy to do….

Arm Study

Arm Study

Graphite and crosshatching.

Hand and forearm study

Hand and forearm study

I might have made the hand too bony… Oh well… I was tired!

Nowadays, in anatomy, I kind of become lazy. I don’t watch the demos on the cds except for the still life demos sometimes. And it’s just tedious to read the module about the muscles. Last year, I actually made note cards. This year it’s the muscles that lay underneath the subcutaneous muscles and it’s just… I don’t want to memorize that. 😦 Well, I’ll make it in life with or without that knowledge, it’s just helpful to know when the body twists and turns and moves…. I was never great at memorization. Which is why I got a B in geometry because I sucked at remembering the theorems and the formulas. And why I failed at pre-calc and trigonometry. C’s and D’s were frequent during those times. Sigh. By that time, I was depressed because I couldn’t understand anything in that class. My math teacher always did the easy ones as an example problem, I never understood the harder problems. It was SOOO HARD. Right. I should stop. Hahaha… On a happier note, I did pretty good in history and english and even better in Computer Graphics. And PE was enjoyable but boring because I was a loner. That was high school in a nutshell. I don’t know why people had such a hard time for the exit exam though. To avoid going back to class that day, I took my sweet old time but still finished too early.


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